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Phone Number: 01980 671417


Brambles Pre School, Ablington, Figheldean, SP4 8JX
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From June 2017 sessions will be as follows:
We accept 3 & 4 year old funding for either 15 or 30 hour funding. Hours can be taken over 48 weeks. We have a limited amount of term time only spaces available.
Please fill out our uniform order form and return to the setting.
Hot Meals
This is a healthy meal  with a piece of fruit and a yoghurt for pudding.
Start Finish
8am 1pm
9am 3pm
8am 6pm

Download the uniform order form here >
Please contact the setting for our pricing structure
New Starter Pack
We have a £100 New Starter Fee in place. This provides you with a new starter pack including:
Full Waterproof set Thermal gloves
Polo top Snood
Fleece Waterproof gloves