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Early Years Foundation Stage
Every child is supported to reach their full potential and will receive this from the setting SENCO.

There are four guiding themes in the EYFS that we follow:

• A Unique Child -Recognising that every child is
   a competent learner  from birth who can be
   resilient, capable, confident and  self-assured.

• Positive Relationships - Children learn to be
   strong and independent  from a base of
   loving and secure relationships with parents
   and /or key person.

• Enabling Environments - The environment
   plays a key role in supporting and extending  
   children’s development and learning.
• Learning and Development - Children develop
   and learn in different ways and at different
   rates and all areas of learning and
   development are equally important and

EYFS Parents Guide
Key Person System
Each child will have a key person who will give a nurturing and supportive learning environment. During your child's time at Brambles their experiences will be recorded on our Tapestry Online Journals.

This will allow you to have constant access to your child's learning and development unlike traditional journals.

You will be able to contact your child's key worker and comment on any observations you see.

Tapestry also allows you to add your own photos and activities so that we can work in complete partnership.
Outdoor Learning & Woodland Walk
We aim to offer children an outdoor learning environment where they will learn and develop new skills through play and exploration of the world around them.

Our aim is to make the most of the British weather, using it as a learning opportunity and enhancing a child's development through first hand experiences.

We are lucky enough to have Bev who is a qualified Level 3 Forest School Practitioner and Grace and Louise who hold their Level 1 Forest School Qualification.

We are lucky enough to be located directly next to woodland. Brambles use this to our advantage to take the children out on walks and activities in the woods.

We make bread with the children in the morning and take it out as a snack in the woods.
We are a charity run setting and from time to time will be fundraising and may ask for your help and support. This may be in the form of selling tickets, making cakes or helping on fun days for the children.

Any help is always welcome and appreciated.

We also welcome parents to join our proactive committee.
We are Ofsted registered and our most recent report can be found here:

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Ofsted contact details:
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Phone Number: 01980 671417


Brambles Pre School, Ablington, Figheldean, SP4 8JX
Our children are enjoying the benefits of our recent Yoga course. We use the calming outdoor environment along with our favourite poses to focus and come together at group times.

Our forest school sessions end with a calming woodland pose to finish off, before going back to Brambles for lunch.