Brambles Pre School Homepage
Brambles Pre School Homepage
Squirrel Family (1-2.5 years old)
At Brambles we pride ourselves on providing children with a nurturing environment that can be adapted for all ages.

Our squirrel room is for children age 12 months upwards we remain flexible as they become more independent and ready to move into our older groups Owls and Foxes. Children usually start to transition around 30 months.
We  provide young toddlers with authentic “treasures” to explore and a  mixture of textures which  young children can play, explore and learn in a homely setting with beautiful natural resources. 

We provide a unique environment where children can benefit from both a homely indoor space and a vibrant outdoor space offering lots of invitations for deep learning
Our mixed age range allows our under 3’s the opportunity to play safely together whilst offering quiet space when needed for the youngest Bramblers.

We believe children learn from each other and benefit from the compassionate relationships which can be built in a nurturing environment.
This inspirational environment is coupled with mindful practitioners working to deliver thoughtful opportunities for young children to enjoy endlessly.
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