Brambles Pre School Homepage
Brambles Pre School Homepage
Newton Tony - Our Brambler Family
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Welcome to our Newton Tony page, this area will give you a little more information about our bespoke outdoor space, which includes a very unique opportunity, as we are lucky enough to have such a wonderful community in Newton Tony, and have been invited by a local landowner, to explore private woodland and a pond, where we engage the children in weekly wildlife activities, set in a truly enchanting setting. We will also give you information on the routine, your lovely little people get to enjoy, while being part of our Brambles family. Once signed up, you will receive your beautiful Brambles uniform and full head to toe waterproofs, so your new Brambler can enjoy all the Great British weather has to offer.
At Newton Tony we begin our days when you join us at base camp. Here you will have the opportunity to connect with the wider Brambles family, have a chat with fellow parents and our lovely staff, while the children interact and play with one and other.

Once we leave base camp we embark on our walk, navigating up across the school field, working together to take up our daily supplies. Once up the hill we get our first look of our beautifully crafted space, with the yurt emerging from behind our fenced tree line and the willow arch way, which welcome us all into our Brambles home.
The children are supported to be independent, finding there personalised pegs, where they hang their bags, before joining us around the camp fire under the shelter of our parachute. Here we choose a log and join in saying our official good mornings and taking part in some yoga to set us up for the day. Yoga is a lovely way to connect with our Bramblers and build the children’s confidence in small group activity. Once we are all nice and awake we talk about camp safety, supporting the children’s understanding of our activities we provide, such as climbing the rope ladder one at a time. This is the point the children can choose where they would like to start their play.

As part of our hand crafted outdoor space, the children can investigate a range of creative activities, which we support with interesting resources, such as our mud kitchen, complete with tea sets and it’s own herb garden to make those mud pies extra tasty.
We all come back together for a home cooked snack, which the children are encouraged to help prepare. This can be anything from porridge and honey with freshly cut fruit, to the children peeling and slice potatoes and leeks for a hearty soup. While sitting in our log circle we have the perfect chance to embed our family values, talking about our morning activities and what we plan to do after snack is finished.

After supporting the children in free play and engaging them to take part in new and innovative activities, we retire to our beautiful yurt or in fair weather to our Brambles dinning table for lunch, where our staff and children eat alongside one and other.
Once tummies are full, the children are encouraged to relax. Our space has lots of quiet spots to rest with a favourite book, our cosy day bed tucked away in the leafy trees, complete with its own little library, or if required a bed in the yurt for an afternoon snooze to recuperate from a busy day exploring.

The children are encouraged by staff to help put back the toys they have investigated that day before returning to base camp, with the tales of their daily adventures to share with their families, our extended Brambles family.
Each day we ensure everyone is kept up to date, with the Brambles group experiences, by posting on the famly app, as well as sending a weekly observation personal to your child. As a community we want to share and gain an insight into our unique children, we further do this by having a focus week for your child, where we invite you to bring treasured items to share and explore, we look to extend and develop this interest in a fun, innovative way and gain teachable moments which will be shared through an observation for their chosen week.