Brambles Pre School Homepage
Brambles Pre School Homepage
After returning some of our resources back to their boxes we have space to take part in some yoga just in time before eating our yummy warm lunch , provided by the school, all together at our dining tables.
Our afternoons are again filled with child led fun, building sandcastles, birdwatching or being a pirate. Anything is possible!
Snack is usually in the shelter but sometimes in the glorious sunshine. We like to enjoy the weather. Splashing, pouring and gathering the rain. Watching the leaves and listening to the wind in the trees and feeling the warm sun on our faces. We are also lucky to be able to observe the nature around us. The arrival of the Red Kite causes a great deal of excitement as it soars above us every day as we play.
Children then set about choosing from the resources they would like to begin their day. They can be found making tea, dinner or snacks in the mud kitchen. Adding water from the water butt to just about everything, sand, paint, mud or porridge oats or building an assault course with the help of their friends.
Our children start their day by being greeted by Nikki or Jade at the Brambles Cabin.
They are given a choice of breakfasts before investigating curious objects, reading a book or picking something from our indoor resources baskets.
Once all of our Brambles Family have arrived, we head out into our beautiful garden. We are greeted by the songs of our hungry birds and we sometimes feed them breakfast too.
Hindon - Our Brambler Family
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